What’s up with upcycling?

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What’s up with upcycling?

As we entered 2019, Sustainable Fashion is steadily and consistently on the rise.  Incredible strides have been made by countless initiatives, NGO and organizations worldwide to spread sustainable fashion awareness. New and innovative advancements have been made with fabrics, as well as, more accountability has been placed on some of our fast fashion abusers.

With all this forward movement why is it that Upcycling has not become the main and logical solution for textile waste? When statistics say that almost 99% of textile waste can be recycled but 85% end up in the landfill, it makes you scratch your head and wonder if it can be recycled then why isn’t it being recycled?

First of all, What is upcycling? Upcycling is reworking, reconstructing and/or remaking a garment that has already been made. Upcycling is THE most sustainable method of textile waste. It’s the perfect circular solution to a long-standing and environmentally damaging issue. Being able to turn that 15% of what actually gets recycled into even 30% can start to drastically shift the environmental effects that textile waste can have on our planet.

The BBC NEWS reported “The secretive nature of the industry makes it difficult to accurately quantify the scale of the problem – but with global production now exceeding 100 billion garments a year, groups are warning of “potentially catastrophic “ environmental damage if current growth trends continue.

At this alarming rate, there needs to be something in place now to counteract the amounts of textile waste that are and will be coming into the landfills. Putting some type of Upcycling/Sustainable Fashion Committee or Board in place in each state/country etc can start to effectively delegate the textile waste stream and responsibly create a system that tackles this issue head-on. Not to mention the employment opportunities it would create. So, What’s Up with Upcycling?


Outside the sustainable fashion/fashion industry, who knows that it’s a viable option?

And how to do we spread the word that it is? By getting familiar. With Fashion Revolution Week right around the corner, the myriad of sustainable events that take place internationally is the perfect environment to engage, learn and get inspired on a sustainable path.

IFA Paris International Fashion Academy is hosting a multi-country sustainable event in Istanbul, Paris and New York. The New York event kicks off Fashion Revolution Week on April 20th hosted at Sohung Designs will offer FREE upcycling ideas from Born Again Vintage for 3 garments brought in to the store! In addition to hosting this multi-country sustainable event, IFA Paris is offering a fashion upcycling short course, 2 weeks in July (July 1-16th)  you will get to thrift in Paris Vintage shops with a thrifting expert and upcycle those finds into one of the kind pieces. Creating a fun yet educational experience surrounding upcycling changes the mindset about your clothes and how you shop.

For more information about this Upcycling short course at IFA Paris International Academy or for the multi-country sustainable event during Fashion Revolution Week, please go to https://www.ifaparis.com/courses/short/upcycling-fashion or https://globaldimension.org.uk/event/fashion-revolution-week/2019-04-22/

Take the time to find out what’s Up with Upcycling.
*For full BBC NEWS article https://www.bbc.com/news/world-44968561

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