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Known internationally from fashion scouting abilities, Sara Sozzani Maino is Deputy Editor in Chief Special Projects Vogue Italia and Head of Vogue Talents. She is a regular attendee at global talent spotting shows travelling around the globe to find time and effort to support upcoming designers.

We sit down with Sara Sozzani Maino to discuss the current fashion system and its challenges.

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You have a global passion for unique talents in fashion and you travel across the world in search for them. What defines a unique talent for you?

Nowadays you need to give a specific and strong message it is not anymore about just doing beautiful clothes. Designers today need to think responsible!! Talent doesn’t belong to everyone.

What can the current global fashion system offer to new talents and upcoming designers?

Support is fundamental the fashion system needs to believe in the new generation and in the last years, it is happening more and more through contests and acquisitions. The system needs to support and believe in them also to give a clear message to the consumers.

On the other end of the scale, what are some major challenges that emerging talents face today to reach the final customers and start to sell their creations globally?

The main challenge is most economical but if you have a vision and strong message you can manage! Today communication is everything and it must be done in a smart and constructive way.

How have the distinguishing qualities of talents evolved in the past decade? What do you look for today when evaluating designers?

Today you just need to look in one direction! Responsibility!! There is no other way because if we want to make a change and leave this planet in health for future generations this is the only solution.  

Are you seeing sustainability starting to play a role within the creations of emerging designers?

The new generation is very sensible and aware regarding this theme and it will become bigger and bigger there is no choice there is no planet B.

Head to Sara Sozzani Maino’s profile on Lablaco.

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