Circular Fashion Summit: Goals 2020

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Circular Fashion Summit is the first Collective Action Summit powered by Lablaco, supporting United Nations SDGs 2030.

Circular Fashion Summit will gather expert speakers for 3 panels during the summit. We don’t want to just talk about sustainability we want to make a difference that is why we have 1 Goal per each of the 3 panels.

Panel 1 Fashion Design: Upcycling for Good

Experts in Sustainable Design and Social Empowerment will share precious insights with regards to contemporary “design for good”. They will discuss how to make a tangible positive impact on the environment and society.

Supporting SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities

For this edition, Lablaco teamed up with Yama Saraj, Founder of Sensai, Station F based startup committed to Circular Economy, Sustainability, Technology and Social Justice. Thanks to his former background of Boxing champion, he is currently dedicating to a social-technology initiative for underprivileged kids in the war zone.

By upcycling car tires, Yama is experimenting with building IOT punching bags connected to a mobile application which acts as a virtual personal coach. The mission is to provide youths with sports activities and opportunities. Together with Lablaco, we aim to crowd-source 1,000 upcycled sneakers for children in Kabul, Afghanistan, to fully support this social empowerment initiative!

Panel 2: Blockchain & Traceability

This panel will discuss the challenges of Technology, Materials Manufacturing, and the dynamics of Retail and Luxury Groups. It will also shed light on using Blockchain to create a transparent supply chain for the end consumer.

Supporting SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Transparency and Traceability is one of the most “it” topics for the fashion industry at the moment. Yet very few brands have enough knowledge of usage and effective execution. Blockchain is a valuable technology to digitalize the fashion industry by tokenizing single products (SKU) with traceable information and ownerships, in a decentralized and secure network, such as Ethereum.

Thanks to the first pilot with LUXARITY of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group in HongKong, Lablaco aims to provide an open platform for all brands to bring Blockchain tokens to consumers for the first time, exercising practical adoption. Lablaco aims to tokenize 10,000 fashion items collectively with brands and retailers worldwide.

Panel 3: The Power of Recirculation

Experts from Government, Brands, Community, Education and Organization will share their point of view on how to work all together to lower environmental impact by recirculating over-produced garments.

Supporting SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

By doubling the average number of times a garment is worn, we can almost halve the fashion industry greenhouse gas emissions”. by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Increasing product re-circulation, such as swapping, sharing, rental, and reselling, is considered the most effective way to lower fashion footprint and waste issues. Though the “bottom-up” approach, Lablaco provides individuals, brands and organizations a useful tool to re-circulate pre-owned products within the global community, with automatic logistics integrated and impact calculation.

Lablaco aims to enable recirculation of 100,000 fashion items to save estimated 2,000 Tons of CO2 and 3,000,000 Liters of Water from landfill.

At the end of the panel discussion, industry catalysts from Luxarity of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Global Fashion Exchange, YehYehYeh, and Paris Good Fashion which represents the U.S., Europe and the Greater China market will announce their commitment to the goals, invite everyone to join and trigger the actions of positive impact along with Lablaco.

Learn more about the collective action in Fashion by joining Circular Fashion Summit.

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